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近日,意年夜利 A'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION 发布获奖名单,奥雅设计申报项目安顺虹山湖市平易近公园、保利广钢140地块斩获 A'DESIGN AWARD 2020-2021 景不雅计划与园林设计 银奖!

Recently, ItalyA' DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION announced the list of winners. L&A Design’s work "Hongshan Lake Civil Park" and “Plot 140 POLY Guanggang”won the silver award in the category ofLandscape Planning and Garden Design.




The project is located in the core region and national scenic area in Anshun, Guizhou Province. Low Impact DevelopmentStrategy was mainly adopted to renovate the existed scenic area and to build a generator for future city life. L&A emphasized the concept of ecologically sustainable development on this project to establish a sponge city system: a rainwater treatment zone was set up to reduce pressure on urban drainage, further to create resilient ecological communities in the park. The existing rich vertical resources on the site were well utilized to establish the relationship between human and nature, and to make ecologically natural scenery widely available to citizens.




This project emphasized eco-sustainable development, changed publicstereotypes of parks, promoted the economic development of the surrounding area, and created an ideal model of renovative city park in China.What was once a wasteland has been turned into a vibrant park, and becomes an ecological, healthy and agreeable life generator filled with vitality.




Located in the historical city center, Guanggang New Townoccupies limited land resources. The southern side of the project site is adjacent to the industrial heritage of Guangzhou Steel Works with a history of 50 years, and the site covers along and narrow land with a north-south distance of only 40 meters. The design team is aim to redefine the value of industrial heritage, create a distinct native landscape experience in the finite space by a warm, agreeable and livable style.




The design team focused on creating a landscaping space that becomes a generator to promote neighborhood communication and to meet the residents’ need of enjoying a cozy natural environment. Thereupon, a “vertical garden” was born to put up unified visual experience within existing landscaping - surrounding landscapes connected by an elevated pedestrian corridor system. Elevated spatial patterns are reasonably adopted to provide more choices for residents’ daily interactive recreations.


关在A' Design Award

建立在2009年,意年夜利A'设计年夜奖赛(A' Design Award & Competition)是今朝世界上最年夜型最综合的全球性设计角逐,被誉为欧洲设计界的奥斯卡。奖项旨在挖掘和表扬全球规模内最出色的设计、手艺和创意,为获奖者供给国际性展现平台,从而鼓励设计师、机构和品牌缔造出更多优良的产物、项目和办事,鞭策社会成长,增进行业共荣。本届年夜奖评审团队由世界规模内的211位领先的设计师,卓异的学者和有影响力的新闻界成员构成影响力庞大的评委,颠末公允公道的匿名评审投票,奖项颁给最优异的设计和理念。它不但仅是一个奖项,也是设计质量和完善的指标。

Founded in 2009, The A'Design Award & Competition is currently the world's largest and most comprehensive global design competition. It is known as the Oscar in the European design world. The award aims to discover and commend the most outstanding design, technology and creativity in the world, and provide an international display platform for the winners, so as to inspire designers, institutions and brands to create more high-quality products, projects and services, and promote social development. Promote the common prosperity of the industry.For 2020 – 2021 there are211 leading designers, prominent academics and influential press membersforming the International Design Academy. After fairand impartial anonymous voting and careful evaluation, awards are given to the best design and concept. A' Design Award is not only an Award, but also an indicator of designquality and perfection.




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